> > > New for 2021: Meinl Sonic Energy

Meinl Sonic Energy have introduced new products for 2021. Among them are:

  • NEW Kalimbas
  • NEW Singing Bowls
  • NEW Gongs
  • NEW Tuning Forks
  • NEW Shakers, Didgeridoos and Rainsticks
  • NEW Steel Tongue Drums
  • NEW Frame Drum

The new Meinl Sonic Energy Kalimbas are high-quality melodic instruments with unique characteristics, in sound and in design. All notes in the scale of C Major complement each other, so you will never play a wrong note.

Due to the high demand in the market, Meinl decided to introduce a new category: The Meinl Sonic Energy Crystal Singing Bowls. These bowls are made of high-purity Quartz Gemstones with a white-frosted surface. Their long-lasting sound spreads a pleasant sonic aura when tapped or rubbed. All Crystal Singing Bowls are delivered with a silicone ring to avoid possible impact and to ensure the best resonance.

Next new products are Meinl Sonic Energy Zen Singing Bowls are based on the Japanese singing bowls. These now come in two sets containing three small Zen singing bowls at 2.8, 3.5 and 3.9“ diameter. They could be used as a sound signal in meditation. One set is meant to be placed on the floor, the other one to be hung up. Each set includes a cloth bag for transport and a mallet.

Also new are four Meinl Sonic Energy Crystal Tuning Forks are made of quartz crystals. They provide rich vibrational resonance – perfect for meditation, yoga and relaxation. With 15 and 17.7“, they’re really big and guarantee a long-lasting vibration for your sound healing sessions. Two are tuned to the note C and the others are tuned to the note F – at 440 Hz.

New Meinl Sonic Energy Bamboo Rainsticks are wonderful atmosphere instruments. Made from bamboo, they are lightweight and durable. Their sound is clear and distinct but yet very calming. Their beautiful look gets completed by a dot-painted finish.

The new Meinl Sonic Energy Mini Steel Tongue Drums are scaled-down versions of standard steel tongue drums. These 5.5” diameter drums can be played by anyone, anywhere, regardless of skill. Because they are pre-tuned and harmonious in themselves. Each drum includes two soft rubber mallets for a full and smooth tone.

Wind Gong and Chau Tam Tam Series have been updated with new attractive sizes. Meinl point out in detail the new Indian Premium Wind Gong in 22“. The extraordinary about this gong is the hand-engraved mantra on the front which makes it a great eye-catcher on every table. The gong comes with a Meinl Sonic Energy Table Gong Stand.

More info about new products at: https://meinlsonicenergy.com/en/topics/New-Products-2021