> > > Michał ‘Dimon’ Jastrzębski Interview, Pt. 6

Michał ‘Dimon’ Jastrzębski (Lao Che) talks to BeatIt, Pt. 6/7

On October 5th 2013, in connection with a live performance by Lao Che in Poznań, Poland, fragments of which you will be able to see on BeatIt, we had a very nice chat with the band’s drummer – Michał ‘Dimon’ Jastrzębski.

michal dimon lao che p1.

In the sixth part of the conversation, the man talks about the sticks he uses, his warm-up routine before going on stage, stagefright and ways of dealing with it, the features of character useful to a working drummer and inspirations coming from the Internet.

Here is Michał ‘Dimon’ Jastrzębski in the sixth part of his meeting with BeatIt viewers. Enjoy!