> > > Get Inspired: Big Fat Snare Drum Snare-Bourine Donut

Some time ago we have launched new series of videos under our Get inspired banner. Those are very short clips showing practical applications of new, not-so-obvious or slightly overlooked effects, hardware or accessories from various manufacturers, and stuff made by us.

This time we decided to change our drum sound for good. What’s more, we didn’t tune it differently, didn’t use expensive drumhead or special effects in the mix. We just threw some thickness to it. Thickness called Big Fat Snare Drum muffler. This one is called Snare-Bourine!

big fat snare drum

Using the muffler is very easy. If you need your snare to sound tight, low and with special effects (tambourine) you just lay this muffler on the snare head. It’s a perfect solution for live situations when you don’t want to carry extra snare drum with you and there is only one song in whole set that requires different, muffled snare in it. Check out other products by Big Fat Snare Drum, you will find really inspiring stuff there. Mufflers with hole, with different thickness, special additions (like tambourine) etc.

snare bourine

Gear used in test:

  • 14×8″ Tama S.L.P Big Black Steel snare drum
  • 22×18″ Sonor Ascent bass drum
  • 14″ Zlidjian S Mastersound hihat


Check out our video!