> > > Eric Moore announced as GEWA G9 artist

As most of drum manics out there know, Eric Moore had a hand in creating the GEWA G9 kit, specifically the development of the hi-hat pad. A few months ago, he also made a video showcasing the kit. Now, the renowned drummer has been announced as GEWA G9 artist and brand ambassador.

Eric comments: The Gewa G9 series is fresh, innovative and the future when it comes to electric drums. The touch screen features and unlimited sounds that can be loaded via Wi-Fi are remarkable, not to mention the playability and its stunning look.

I have truly found a company I’m proud to stand aside and I am grateful and happy to be a part of the Gewa Family.

Meanwhile, GEWA CEO, Hans Peter Messner, says: It is great to welcome such an outstanding musician and drummer as one of the first GEWA G9 brand ambassadors.

Eric is a great guy who was pushing our R&D team to the limit and beyond! The relationship we have is very special and we will all be able to experience some outstanding and great things happening the next couple of years!

Everything we do, we do for the e-drum community out there! Eric will defnitely help to further push our projects and put it on another level!

Check out our presentation of the GEWA G9 module: