> > > Bull’s Eye: Rogers Dyno-Matic foot pedal

As part of our ‘Bull’s Eye‘ category, we shed light on products which we think deserve a short presentation. Everything that is on offer with drum stores and shops and worth drummers’ attention – good deals, sales, newest products, or product packs, the ability to test the product before purchasing. If all of the above criteria are met – even better…

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The Rogers Dyno-Matic RP100 bass pedal was introduced about four years ago. Do not be fooled by the way it looks. Yes, it does carry on the legacy of the Swivo-Matic of the ’50s and ’60s and it does look a bit vintage, but that’s just about it. All the other features (perhaps with the exception of the single-chain drive) are as modern as can be.

Here are the basic specs:

  • A modern tribute to the classic Rogers Swivo-Matic
  • Classic look
  • Modern design with a lot of customization possibilities
  • Fits bass drums from 18″ to 30″
  • Adjustable chain angle to adjust speed on the fly
  • Adjustable pedal height position without affecting beater response
  • Independently adjustable beater length and angle
  • Top-mounted Spring Adjuster Arm dials in spring tension in seconds
  • Adjustable Toe-Stop for players with larger feet
  • Ribbed rubber sole with retractable carpet spurs
  • Quick-flip Dual Surface Beater reverses without tools
  • Speedy quick-release hoop clamp with rubber top and bottom to protect bass drum hoops
  • Rogers part no: RP100
  • Includes bag

Take a look at how it is mounted to a bass drum hoop: