> > > BeatIt test: Tama Speed Cobra 310 Limited Edition

We have recently put the Tama Speed Cobra 310 Limited Edition double pedal under the Beatit microscope. If you’re interested to know how it differs from the standard Speed Cobra mechanism, read the article below.

1. Test

The Tama Speed Cobra 310 Limited Edition double bass pedal mechanism in Black Copper finish was tested at our new Luta Recording studio. Our liveroom is 40 square meters in surface and the roof is 6 meters high. We used the Rme UFX+ interface, Rupert Neve preamps and DPA microphones for the recording session (shout out to the Skene company for handling the purchase of the microphones for us).

2. Basic product specs:

  • Finish: Matte Black w/ brushed copper accents
  • Double chain drive – the same double chain drive as the Speed Cobra 910 series
  • Made from durable materials
  • Long footboard for increased power and speed
  • Beater angle and spring tension adjustment for great feel
  • Rolling Glide LiteSprocket – 40% lighter than the previous Iron Cobra cam

3. Product

What we have here is a very popular double pedal mechanism, manufactured and sold by Tama, probably in hundreds of thousands of units around the world. Tama have created the Speed Cobra 310 pedal, which, apart from the obvious changes in the appearance of the limited version (color and brushed copper accents), is intended to further improve the precision, speed and, most importantly, ease of playing the bass drum. The Japanese manufacturer has done it once again. Footboards designed specifically for the Speed Cobra series are longer than Iron Cobra pedals, allowing drummers to dynamically alter their strokes and speed while reducing physical effort. Additionally, the smoother surface reduces friction between the sole and the pedal, allowing for more precise control and playing flexibility. To enable continuous, uninterrupted playing, rapid fills and dynamic changes, the foot playing technique must be light to reduce stress and muscle fatigue. The designers actually used the laws of physics to make us feel less tired while playing. The manufacturer states that fatigue reduction ratio is 20 percent. The new hinge features a rigid cylindrical brass sleeve that protects the hinge pin from damage and unnecessary pressure, ensuring smooth movement and increased durability of the mechanism.

Compared to other pedals in this price range, the HP310LWBC is equipped with a special system for adjusting the angle of impact in relation to the angle of the footboard.

One of the main differences between the Tama Speed Cobra 310 and the Tama Speed Cobra 310 Limited Edition is their appearance. The limited edition Speed Cobra 310 features a sleek, all-matte black design with brushed copper elements for a stylish, yet understated look. On the other hand, the standard Speed Cobra 310 has a more traditional look with a silver and black color scheme. While both pedals are visually appealing, the Limited Edition may be more desirable to those looking for a unique and eye-catching double pedal mechanism.

In terms of features and specifications, the Tama Speed Cobra 310 and the Tama Speed Cobra 310 Limited Edition are actually the same.

The price and value-for-money ratio are also important factors to consider when comparing the Tama Speed Cobra 310 and the Tama Speed Cobra 310 Limited Edition. The Limited Edition mechanism is more expensive than the standard Speed Cobra 310 due to its unique appearance and limited availability. The difference in price is about 20% of the value. For those on a tight budget, the standard Speed Cobra 310 may offer better value for money as it still offers all the same features. Ultimately, the decision to choose a specific model will depend on individual preferences and priorities.

Here’s the score achieved by the Tama Speed ​​Cobra 310 Limited Edition:

Appearance: 10

Sound: No rating 

Innovation: 10

Price: 10

Quality: 10


Disadvantages – None


In-between: None

Advantages – Great look, precision and playing speed plus reasonable price.

The total score is: 5

Here is our short video presentation: