> > > BeatIt Test: Zildjian K Cluster Crashes

Today we are testing great cymbals that were included in the parcel from Zildjian. This time we are dealing with 20″; 18″ and 16″ Zildjian K Cluster cymbals. All the cymbals were tested at our own recording facility.

We’re testing Zildjian K Cluster Crashes

1. Test

We tested each Zildjian K Cluster Crash in our recording room. We played a few individual notes at different levels of dynamics, and then moved on to presenting the sound of each instrument in grooves, using a bass drum, a snare drum and a hi hat.

2. Basic product specification:

  • Manufacturer: Zildjian
  • Series: K Cluster
  • Model: Crash 20″; 18″; 16″
  • Material : B20
  • Finish: Traditional
  • Bell: Raw
  • Weight: Paper Thin
  • Sound: Dark, raw

3. Product

K Cluster Crashes Characterized by distinct cluster hammer marks and a distinct ‘dirty’ sound. The K Cluster Crashes are extra thin in weight with an unlathed bell and feature the traditional K style hammering technique with additional cluster hammer marks that create a darker, trashier sound with a fast attack and great response. These crashes are available in 16″, 18″ and 20″ sizes.

20″ Zildjian K Cluster

20″ Zildjian K Cluster is by far the best sounding cymbal from today’s test. In isolation it sounds very low and powerful. This crash is very easy to control, and playing in extremely different dynamics is not a problem. It works very well as a crash/ride. Probably the most important thing for everyone – 20″ K Cluster Crash mixes beautifully in many musical genres.

18″ Zildjian K Cluster

18″ Zildjian K Cluster Crash tested by us sounded as it should, i.e. a practically perfect smaller version of the aforementioned 20″ crash. 18 “was characterized by a slightly shorter sustain, higher sound and a smaller dynamic range that we could achieve on it. Great cymbal!

16″ Zildjian K Cluster

Zildjian K Cluster 16″ despite the fact that we are big fans of definitely larger cymbals (everything below 18″ is splash :D), this cymbal surprised us very positively. It is compared to his bigger brothers in this series, definitely higher sounding.

4. Summary

We think that Zildjian K Cluster cymbals are very versatile. We played them at the rehearsals of our projects, in which we play really diverse music, from progmetal and its varieties to lighter and softer funk playing

Here is what our editor, Marcin ‘Viking’ Leitgeber has to say about these crashes:

“All the three cymbals sound very consistent. You can clearly hear they belong to the same family – fast attack, higher explosiveness and more thrashiness than it is in the case of their classic K brothers, but without compromising the precious K sound. That’s at least my opinion. Obviously, the 16-inch crash has the shortest decay and highest pitch, but that doesn’t have to be a disadvantage. Lots of drummers like exactly that. Beautiful tone. The 18-inch is the perfect main crash to me. The 20-inch is a very serious contestant. Despite the diameter, it’s easy to crash, and when crash/ridden, it is a real killer! I checked them out live in two configurations: 16″ plus 18″ and 18″ plus 20″. Worked out great in both cases. They cut through the mix exactly right, but without unwanted overtones. They also look great, and a song has to look good too…”

Producer: https://zildjian.com



  • Very well crafted
  • Nice look
  • great sound


  • None