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A few days ago, a large (and thus promising) package sent by the Music Store in Poznań arrived at our headquarters. It contained a neatly packed Pearl Masters Complete drum kit. Even when unpacking, disassembling and tuning, it was clear that many interesting experiences awaited us. We started testing all the more eagerly, and we are sharing the test results with our viewers now.

The testing drummer was once again Max Psuja, who has recently been the head of our news room. As a former employee of the Avant Drum Shop and a great drummer, who has worked with artists such as Mary Komasa, Kumka Olik, Holak, Lilly Hates Roses and Yoachim, he was perfect for the role of a laboratory technician.

We are testing Pearl Masters Maple Complete drum set

1. Test

We conducted the test in our recording room, already known to our viewers. The set consists of a rack tom and a floor tom with Remo Pinstripe UT heads on (made in Taiwan), and a bass drum. During the test we used the following cymbals: Zildjian K Sweet Hi-hat 15″, Zildjian K Custom Cluster Crash 18″ and Zildjian K Ride 22″. The set also includes a Pearl Optimount tom mount.

At the beginning, Max presented the sound of the bass drum, then he played each of the toms individually, presenting different levels of dynamics, and finally he performed a few rhythms using the entire kit.

2. Basic product specification:

  • Producer: Pearl
  • Model: Masters Complete
  • Shell sizes: 12″ x 8″ (rack tom), 16 x 16″ (floor tom), 22″ x 16″ (bass drum)
  • Finish: Ice Blue Oyster
  • Material: 100% north-american maple
  • Character: Bright with clear attack and resonating lows
  • Tom mounting system: Pearl Optimount
  • Lugs: CL Bridge Lug (snare drum), CL100 (rack tom), CL250 (bass drum)
  • Heads: Remo

3. Product and sound

Already when unpacking the kit, we could notice the high quality of workmanship and this impression did not leave us later, when assembling and playing the kit. The shells and edges (cut at an angle of 45 degrees) were made very carefully and leave absolutely no doubt that we are dealing with a product of the highest class. The set is equipped with 2.3 mm thick rims (Superhoops), which are the perfect “bridge” between classic, flanged rims and thick die-casts, ensuring a good decay to attack ratio. Also worth mentioning are the sensational floor-tom legs (model LB40), which (thanks to specially designed, rubber tips), allow the drum to resonate freely and optimally.

The sound of this set, despite the finish and configuration reminiscent of vintage aesthetics, can be described rather as modern, relatively bright, with a clear, tight attack and a full, explosive bottom end. Tuning was very easy and, to see how the Taiwanese Pinstripe heads included with the kit performed, we leaned towards low but open tuning. The rack tom and floor tom sounded full but controlled at the same time. This feature was accompanied (especially on the 16 inch floor) by a very satisfying low “growl”. The kick drum, “armed” with a Remo UT Powerstroke3 type drumhead, produced a strong, focused sound with extreme frequencies – high attack and, similarly to the rest of the set, rich bottom end. The Masters tested by us is a good example of a professional set at a relatively low price, which (thanks to its versatility) can be an attractive offer not only for professional drummers playing various types of contemporary music genres, but also for enthusiasts or backline companies and clubs (especially this “safe” wrap variant).

Pearl Masters Maple Complete sets are available in five different finishes: Ice Blue Oyster tested by us (the remaining four being Matte Caviar Black, Satin Sakura Coral, Chrome Contrail and Almond Red Stripe) as well as six configurations that can easily take care of all musical needs.

To sum up, we have to say that the Pearl Masters Maple Complete drum kit tested by us is a set of pro drums at a reasonable price, which is somewhere in the range of 1,850 US dollars or 1,550 euros.

Producent: https://pearldrum.com/

Distributor in Poland: https://www.silesiamusiccenter.pl/

OUR VERDICT: 5 out of 5


  • Very well-crafted
  • Incredible versatility
  • Stunning finish
  • Rich low frequencies


  • None

Drummers and Drummerettes! It’s time to put the Pearl Masters Maple Complete drum set to the most important test of all, i. e. the en.beatit.tv viewers’ test! Exclusively for you, we give you Max Psuja!