> > > BeatIt Test: 22″ Zildjian Crash of Doom

Some time ago, we received yet another parcel from Zildjian. Inside, was a beautiful cymbal – 22″ Zildjian FX Oriental Crash of Doom, which we immediately took under our microscope. This instrument was tested at our own recording facility.

We’re testing 22″ Zildjian Crash of Doom

1. Test

We tested each Zildjian FX Oriental Crash of Doom in our recording room. We played a few individual notes at different levels of dynamics, and then moved on to presenting the sound of this instrument in grooves, using a 22″ x 18″ Sonor Ascent bass drum, and 14″ x5″ Natal Pure Stave Series Ash snare drum and a hi hat.

2. Basic product specification:

  • Manufacturer: Zildjian
  • Series: FX Oriental
  • Model: Crash of Doom
  • Size: 22″
  • Material: B20
  • Finish: Traditional
  • Weight: Thin
  • Sound: Dark, raw

3. Product

Zildjian FX series is known for containing many cymbals with an unusual sound or appearance. They are usually intended for the production of so-called special effects and sounds.

22 inch Crash of Doom is a well-made and presented sheet metal. The traditional finish with the not regularly wavy edges gives an amazing visual effect. Sounds we can’t compare this instrument to any of the currently available on the market. Its characteristics are MEGA raw, MEGA dark, MEGA deep and MEGA loud. Crash of Doom has an extremely beautiful projection, and the dome is another thing that deserves a very big plus here.

4. Summary

In our opinion, 22″ Crash of Doom is a really great cymbal with many applications. This instrument worked not only as a crash, but also as a ride. We played it at several rehearsal and concerts – it worked very well.

Viking:Currently, I don’t play a style of music which would require such a crash because the Zildjian Crash of Doom of this size sounds very dark and raw, which sets it apart in the mix from distorted guitars with a certain gain level, and that’s my present musical environment. However, I CAN imagine this bad boy in the context of classic rock, prog, indie or jazz. The application I found for this cymbal at one of my shows was I used it as a ride, and it worked out great. When hit in the body with the tip of the stick, it produced lots of lovely wash without the unnecessary attack (bear in mind it feels quite soft in this case), and at the same time it easily lent itself to some crashing and crash riding. If you combine that with the wonderful projection and bell sound, you get a great effect. Before the show, I was convinced the cymbal would work well as a jazz ride, but it also perfectly suited the context of post grunge mixed with metal.”       

Producer: https://zildjian.com



  • Very well crafted
  • Nice look
  • Great sound


  • None