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Tama Meinl Dealer Meeting 2018 – video report

An event called Tama Meinl Dealer Meeting was held yesterday in Łódź, Poland. Its objective was to present all the new products from TAMA and Meinl for this year. Although it was a closed event, strictly for dealers and press members, we think taking a few minutes to get acquainted with our video report could be worth your while because it will give you a picture of what’s coming from in the next few months. There’s a lot of it, believe us…

As far as Meinl cymbals go, new products are targeted at jazz players, metal extremists and everybody in between. Those include: Byzance 20″ Equilibrium China, Byzance 22″ Monophonic Ride, Byzance Polyphonic Ride, Byzance 15″ Jazz Thin Hihat, Classics Custom 18″Extreme Metal Big Bell Ride, Byzance 8″ Benny Grebb Signature Crasher Hats.

As for TAMA drum kits, there’s quite a stir in store. After the success of S.L.P. snares, it’s time for drum kits from the same line (Studio Maple, Fat Spruce and Dynamic Kapur), while the mid price range will include the Superstar Classic (100% maple, three finishes available, reasonable price). The Hyper-Drive Duo and the Club Jam (limited sets so far) are going to be mass-produced this year. Also, the TAMA snare drum range will be enriched by the S.L.P. Kapur, the S.L.P. Big Black Steel sized 8″ x 15″ as well as the Duo Birch tom with snares (functions as a 14″ floor tom or a deep snare after straining the snares).

TAMA hardware offer will include three new flat base stands (hi hat, snare drum, single tom tom), a set of such stands (hi hat, snare drum, two straight cymbal stands plus a bag) and a new vintage bass drum pedal called HP 50 Classic Pedal.

The accessories that will shortly find their way to drum stores include: the very nifty Hoop Grip (enabling accessories such as cow bell, splash, vibra slap, etc.) to be mounted on a drum hoop, Tension Lock tuning rod locks, Oak Lab sticks and the Iron Cobra 600 bass drum pedal in Jet Black finish with red inscriptions.

Percussion instruments constitute a separate and significant market segment for Meinl. You can expect a real flooding of interesting products in this department, which will include cajons, cajon foot pedals, wood bongos, tambourines, timbales, percussion instruments for children (the NINO brand) as well as the Viva Rhythm line (with the Cajon2Go made from cardboard that can withstand up to 150 kg).

Follow beatit.tv to find more detailed descriptions and video tests of these new products in the coming months. Also, stop by at drum stores to check these instruments out in person. They’re worth your while!

Drummers and Drummerettes! For your viewing pleasure: Tama Meinl Dealer Meeting!