> > > Schossleitner P-16 Drum Pedal

We are about to show you a very specific product. There is a lot of mystery concerning this device, but we are sure that someone will be interested in having one. That’s a fact. Austrian company called Schossleitner Technologies came up with a drum pedal which looks extremely good and luxurious and has a long and difficult name. Prepare to read a few words about it.

Schossleitner drum pedal

Schossleitner P-16 drum pedal is an extremely sensitive and directly responsive piece of hardware, with the very high impact dynamics and speed that you can achieve when using it. Professional musicians have subjected the P-16 to extreme stress in long-term tests. These tests have shown that the pedal is a highly reliable, precise and flexible instrument that can significantly increase your playing ability.

There are few facts about the P-16 model:

-Completely made in Austria

-All moving parts are ball bearings

-Great smoothness.

-Footboard made of wood: great look and at the same time a pleasant feeling when practicing without shoes

-Countless possibilities for individual adjustment of the pedal

-Timeless design

-All parts are handmade by an experienced mechanical engineer and drummer

-All settings are easy to adjust

-Expandability to double pedal

Cost of single version: 1.390,00 €

This pedal was shown to the public on October 24 in Vienna. We hope to see a videos of P-16 in action. It must be fascinating. If you want to know more about this hardware please visit this website.