> > > Sabian Introduces Quiet Tone Practice Cymbals

Sabian has something new and cool for the 2018. The company will launch a brand new series of cymbals called Quiet Tone Practice Cymbals. They have very reduced volume and realistic sound and feel to it. Just like the “normal” cymbals.

sabian quiet tone

Created specifically for low volume sessions, Quiet Tone Practice Cymbals are designed to respond and feel like traditional cymbals – right down to their clearly defined bell – so you won’t have to hit and play harder than you do during performances. This is not the case with other practice cymbals, which can sound muffled or dead – not a good quality in a practice cymbal. Drummers will appreciate their greatly reduced sonic footprint during practice sessions, drum lessons or any time they use Quiet Tone Practice Cymbals. Additionally, Quiet Tone Practice Cymbals are manufactured from a tough, durable alloy that resists denting or breaking, making them the best choice in low-volume cymbals.

You will be able to get them in four sets:

18″ Crash-ride and 13″ hi-hat

18″ Crash-ride, 14″ crash and 13″ hi-hat

20″ Ride, 16″ crash and 14″ hi-hat

20″ Ride, 18″ crash, 16″ crash and 14″ hi-hat

Watch the short presentation below. What do you think about the new cymbals from Sabian?