> > > Roland TD-50 module: the possibilities within

Use presets made by Roland artists, or create your musical identity from the scratch!

The newest electronic drum module by the one and only Roland company is called TD-50. Now it’s a true flagship within the V-Drums family, and it gives you a whole new level of possibilities. We saw it by ourselves, and we are really impressed by the company’s offer. Every sound, which are included in this thing is a high-end quality. The latest TD-50 V-Drums module is incredibly powerful, containing brand new, advanced V-Edit system, and an array of processing tools including EQ, a transient designer and dedicated effects section – all so the drummer can create their perfect drum sound everytime, and everywhere. The TD-50’s preset kits are provided as the starting point and can be fully customised. As every kit is fully editable, each preset kit is just a snapshot of the TD-50’s available internal sounds.  It’s created to make you feel creative and comfortable! Tke a look at our presentation from this year NAMM Show in Anaheim!

There’s nothing more to say- it’s flawless! As you could hear or see- every preset can be customized, developed, shortened, whatever you want. It depends only on how creative you are. Every sound, included ind preset is a blank page, that you can write on with sonic pen! But there is something more to add. We know that some drummers want out-of-the box performance; powerful and dynamic kits that have been pre-tuned by the pros, to be enjoyed straight away without needing to delve into the power of the editing system. So we’ve asked Roland’s leading V-Drums artists – Michael Schack, Craig Blundell and Dirk Brand – along with some of Roland’s top Drum Product Specialists to tune 15 of the TD-50’s preset kits and also to create their own bespoke kits. These kits are now available for any TD-50 series owner who wants to jump straight in and start playing. Download the kits for free, install them (just the backup file or load each kit individually) and get playing. There is also the Polish accent. One of our most valuable drummers, and a proud Roland family member- Mariusz Mocarski has also created something for all of the TD-50 lovers. His presets can also be found in the base! Now watch him perform and present this great product.

Last, but not the least- please take some time and watch this video below- you can learn much more about all the functions of the TD-50 module, and watch these great drummers present the custom presets, that you can develop only with your imagination. Enjoy!