> > > Rick Allen goes on “Drums For Peace” tour

Famous drummers are becoming painters. It’s a kind of trend nowadays. They are painting a beautiful pieces of art often connected with drumming, rhythm and sound. Many drummers are also taking part in artistic projects. For example Dave Lombardo took part in the idea where he was painting with the light, and the process was happening while he was playing actual drums. Mikkey Dee has also showed the world his second passion. The long time painting activist is also Lars Ulrich from Metallica. But there is one man who does the painting stuff little bit different than the others. He is a great person who has defeated the fact of his disability. He also showed the whole world his strong will and now, without one arm, he still plays rock’n’roll with the mighty Def Leppard. This man is Rick Allen!

rick allen def leppard

Rick has decided that he will go on tour. But it’s not the typical rock tour around the globe. This month the Def Leppard co-founder launches a North American art tour with “Rick Allen: Drums For Peace,” an exhibit that benefits military veterans via Project Resiliency, at the Wentworth Gallery in Atlanta. Allen himself will make a special Veterans Day appearance at the exhibit on Nov. 11, signing and talking about the mixed media collection that includes his paintings on drum heads, toy buses, clothing and other objects.”I got into painting as a kid, before I got into music,” Allen tells Billboard. “I’m not trained but it’s something that I really enjoy doing simply because it takes me to the same place I go when I play music, sort of the mindless place where you’re just in the moment and there are no rules — almost a meditative state. It’s just sort of the pursuit of that even flow, that zone.” We wish Rick a lot of success with this tour and we really respect his positive way of being!