> > Practice pads from Zildjian Company

Now you can practice on pads by this great Manufacturer!

Zildjian Company is well known for its cymbals, which are one of the finest in the world. Now they are extending their offer, and starting to produce a great practise pads!

We were really curious about it, so we decided to give these pads a try. We have prepared a little tests.

Producer sells two kinds of pads. First one is a signature model by legendary drummer, Travis Barker, and the second one has a brand’s logo on it.

travis barker pad 6

Zildjian pads are divided into two sizes: 6 inches and 12 inches. They are made of extremely durable materials: the bottom is made of wood, and the part for hitting is made of hard gum. The base is made of anti-slippery material, so you don’t have to worry about the pad moving all around.

You can mount these pads on the cymbal stand (with 8 mm thread), and the 12 inch pad can be mounted on the snare stand.

zildjian pad 12

These products are very durable, so they will last long time hitting. The gum is silent, so your practising won’t bother anybody. It’s also very sensitive, especially when it comes to practise different way of putting accents.

Take a look at our short test: