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New Zildjian endorsers in Poland

Zildjian cymbals belong to the most saught-after products among artists. They are characterized mostly by their excellent quality, reliability, great sound and a wide selection of instruments. No wonder more and more drummers join the Zildjian family almost every day.

Zildjian endorserzy

Very recently, five Polish artists have enlarged the family of official Zildjian endorsers:

Ireneusz Loth (Kat & Roman Kostrzewski) – has chosen the A Custom series

Adam Łukaszek (Votum, Fit and Drumming programme) – has chosen the K Custom Dark series

Wiktor Palik (Cold Calculated, Post Profession, Jack Band, Rewind) – has chosen K Custom, A Custom and FX Oriental

Ziemowit Rybarkiewicz (The Polish, Kreuzberg, teacher at Drumsetpro school) – has chosen K, K Custom, A Custom EFX and FX Oriental

Mikołaj Stańko (young and promissing jazz player) – has chosen K and K Constantinople.