> > > Get Ready For XXVI Drum Fest

October in Poland is going to be loud!

Year by year there is a lot going on in Opole and a few other cities. Autumn may be considered as the sad season, but not here! As always autumn is going to be colorful. Not only colourwise, because the best artists will paint it with the sound they make! We are talking about another edition of International Drummers’ Festival DRUM FEST. Big names, great and interesting workshops, musical diversity and concerts- that’s how they do it, and they do it on highest level possible.

Drum Fest Opole

There are too many artists on the bill, so we will present most notable names. Mighty perfomers are such musicians as Terry BozzioRuss Miller, Trilok Gurtu, Michael Schack, George Kollias or Russell Gilbrook. Poland will be represented Mariusz Mocarski and Dariusz “Daray” Brzozowski. As you can see- only top drummers. Drum Fest is not only festival for drum kit players. There are also be performances and workshops conducted by percussionists (Jose Torres), as well as marimba players (Mark Ford, Ney Rosauro). If you wan to watch some contests, it will be there. Marimba and percussion competitions, and the notable contest for the youngest drummers, who dream big- Young Drum Hero. More detailed info are coming soon, so stay tuned!