> > > Dunnett Res-O-Tone and Res-O-Two Drum Heads by Remo

Pleasure of playing without coating!

Remo company is well known for making drumheads. One of the best drumheads in the world. They are the weapon of choice of many professional drummers, as well as the sure shot for all the amateur players, who treasure quality. Now Remo has got something brand new- a line of drumheads which were engineered with Ron Dunett, maker of fine custom drums. He produces highest quality gears using his own ideas, which often are really off the wall, but they always work. He was working on making the felt drumhead for Remo, but during his search for the materials he found some cool membrane which he thought would be perfect for the next level skin! This material is called proprietary tympani film. That’s how Dunett Res-O-Tone and Res-O-Two drumhead series were made.

Res-o-tone logo

Res-O-Tone Drumheads

The Res-O-Tone drum heads are made from a proprietary tympani film and are based on one of the most popular drum heads of all time – the Remo coated Ambassador. Res-O-Tone offer the same tensioning and stick response properties as the Ambassador but without the coating. Res-O-Tone provide a clean, open, un-muted tone that when combined with the properties of the tympanic film make for different, yet completely familiar playing experience. The lack of coating also means less “stick drag”, allowing fast and free movement around the kit. Res-O-Tone have an exceptional tensioning latitude, performing fully throughout the tuning range of your drum and provide a softer, “cushier” stick response. They are available in sizes 8″, 10″, 12″, 13″, 14″,16″, 18″. Res-O-Tone is also a name of bass drum heads. They are really similar to a very popular Powerstroke 3 series, but they are made of tympani film (whole head and the sound controlling ring). They are avalaible in sizes 18″-26″.

Remo Res-O-One drumhead

Res-O-Two Series

The Res-O-Two drum heads are the double ply version of the Res-O-Tone heads. Remo’s reputation for quality and consistency in manufacturing two ply heads is evident in the Res-O-Two models which use Remo’s clear film over the semi-translucent tympanic film, providing that familiar two ply response but with the added benefit of the extended tensioning latitude and full range, clear and open tonality with the durability of a two ply head. Available in sizes 8″, 10″, 12″, 13″, 14″, 16″, 18″.

Remo Res-O-Two drumhead

If you want more than words, take a look at the short film made by Drumeo, which shows the sound of these drumheads, and the story behind their creation. Enjoy!

For more information about Res-O-Tone and Res-O-Two drumheads please visit  http://www.bigbangdist.com/