> > Dillinger Escape Plan members involved in bus accident

The band’s bus was hit by a truck!

After a great gig in Warsaw, Dillinger Escape Plan members and crew were traveling to Krakow, to perform another show in Kwadrat club. Unfortunately this morning, about 8 a.m their bus was hit by a truck. The trailer, which was carrying the gear, and the back of the bus were completely destroyed. The concert in Krakow is cancelled.

fot. K. Nita

fot. K. Nita

All of the involved in the accident were moved to the nearest hospitals in Radomsko and Czesochowa. Passengers of the bus, including a pregnant woman, weren’t injured badly, but are kept in hospital just to check their overall health and are under the doctors’ care. The most injured person was a truck driver, a 31-years old male. His spine is in a bad condition, and he also has a lot of cut wounds and bruises. The bus driver broke his collarbone. Dillinger Escape Plan is in the middle of farewell tour. After almost twenty years of being one of the wildest bands around, they decided to quit. They say, that it’s better to leave the business as a winners and people, who are remembered as the freaks during their performances, than old folks, who can barely move. They are also promoting their new album called Dissociation.

dillinger zespół

Drummer of the band is the one and only Billy Rymer, who is known as the volcano of the energy onstage. His flawless technique and vivid way of expressing himself behind the drumkit is the another ingredient of the band’s madness. He also makes people love the band and their way of playing, and that’s why some fans just can’t agree with their decision of stopping their work. We wish every participant of this sad accident a quick return to health. We especially wish Dillinger Escape Plan a fat return to playing shows. Come on guys, you can’t stop the machine called DEP on it’s final mission!

Source of information: http://radomsko.naszemiasto.pl