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Not so long ago, we received yet another parcel from DrumStore – an excellent outlet based in Gdynia, Poland. Inside, there was a number of interesting items, which we are going to thoroughly test for you. We will share the results of our tests with you as we go along. Today, we would like to present our review of the 16″ Turkish Classic Crash.

en.beatit.tv test: 16" Turkish Classic Crash

1. The product

The Turkish Classic” series is, as the name suggests, the most classic cymbal family from this manufacturer. The sound and look of the 16″ Turkish Classic Crash can be described exactly with that adjective.

2. Basic specification of the instrument:

  • Manufacturer: Turkish Cymbals
  • Model: Classic
  • Material: B20 bronze
  • Size: 16″
  • Finish: Brilliant
  • Weight: Thin

3. The test

We tested the 16″ Turkish Classic Crash at our own recording facility. As mentioned earlier, the name “Classic” suggests classic design, and that’s exactly what we get with this cymbal. It is hand-hammered, so each instrument has its individual, slightly vintage character enriched with a brilliant finish.

The sound is also classic, which makes it universal. We have relatively bright attack followed by silghtly sandy and darker overtones. Naturally, the size shortens the sustain and increases the glassy quality of the attack when compared to this crash’s bigger brothers (e. g. 18″ or 19″), but there are many drummers, who prefer this very characteristic. 16 inches is a classic (this word again) size widely applied in such genres as pop, funk, latino, or rock and the 16″ Turkish Classic Crash cymbal will easily deliver in all of them.

4. Summary

The 16″ Turkish Classic Crash is a sturdy and good-sounding instrument, which can easily be used in studio and on stage. Every drummer or percussionist on the lookout for a product of this sort should not be disappointed as he or she will get a classic, universal sound of the company’s flag series at an affordable price of about USD 170. It just cannot be discouraging considering the fact that we are dealing with a professional instrument.



  • Well crafted
  • Classic look
  • Easy to mount
  • Universal sound characteristic


  • None

Drummers and Drummerettes! It is time for the most important test, which is the one done by en.beatit.tv viewers. Here is an audio sample of the 16″ Turkish Classic Crash!