> > Aaron Spears is back in Poland

May 30 is going to be a blast for every drummer in Poland!

Aaron Spears is a true genius on drums. Period. He confirmed his place on the top of the list by winning the Modern Drummer Festival in 2006. He also developed his flawless skills during his work with such artists as James BrownUsher and Chaka Khan. He had also performed during the Grammy Awards, and for many years he is a successful teacher and educator. He conducts his own cilnics and workshops all over the world! It was 2013 when he visited Poland for the last time, and we must admit, that we missed him. But there’s no time for sentimental thoughts- Aaron is back, and will hit the stage on May 30 in Grodzisk Mazowiecki Culture Center!

aaron spears grodzisk maz

We highly recommend every drummer to take part in this great event. You will hear some ultra-fast chops, fat grooves and a lot of important words, which will for sure inspire you to practise more! We are pretty confident, that the atmosphere will be great, and it’s because Aaron is simply the nicest guy on earth. If you are not convinced enough, just take a look at the mad skills below:


May 30

Grodzisk Mazowiecki Culture Center

Start: 7 p.m

Tickets: 50 PLN

Tickets and other information are available here: emilia.benedykcinska@gmail.com