> > > Zildjian – Kaz Rodriguez Signature Stick

A new model of Zildjian sticks – this time signed with the name of the drummer, which one does not need to introduce – Kaz Rodriguez! The London-based drummer, educator, producer, music director and composer collaborates with some of the most popular pop acts on the British scene (Jessie Ware, Wilkinson). He has three solo albums, collectively titled “Thoughts” under his belt, composes backing tracks to be used during solo performances by the most renowned drummers of today, the likes of which include: Gerald Heyward, Chris Coleman or Aaron Spears. Kaz Rodriguez is endorsed by such brands as: Tama, Zildjian, Roland.

Kaz’s stick features a Zildjian 3A diameter with an extra 3/4″ of length for effortless reach around the entire kit. A long taper balances out the extra length and produces a great feel and response.

  • Diameter: .580″
  • Length: 16 3/4″
  • Natural Finish
  • Wood tip

“I’m beyond honoured and delighted to announce the release of my very own @zildjiancompany signature stick! I’m truly speechless to have this, you guys have supported me in my journey in my highs and lows, and now I can share with you my own drumstick in how I utilise my colours in the cymbals… I really look forward to you all trying them”