> > > Vater Drumsticks partners with Drumeo

Drumeo is an educational site which is known to each and every drum maniac out there for outstanding educational content from beginner to advanced levels. Lessons, whether taught by their in-house team or by one of the many high-profile names that visit the Drumeo studios as guest instructors, deliver high quality material to their members via drumeo.com as well as select free lessons on the Drumeo You Tube Channel.

Drumeo has collaborated with Vater Drumsticks to design their new Drumeo 5A Drumstick model. The new Drumeo 5A is advertised as a versatile model in size and weight that suits both younger players and adults, and also makes it a great model for a wide range of musical situations.

The Drumeo 5A comes in a special Drumeo/Vater branded sleeve and, to celebrate the new partnership, Drumeo is offering these sticks both by the pair and in 6 packs.

Here is how Jared Falk (CEO & Founder of Drumeo) comments on the collaboration:

“Vater Drumsticks are an extension of your unique personality behind the kit. That’s why I’m so excited to partner with Vater, a company that has been helping drummers achieve excellence for a long time. When you pick up a pair of Drumeo 5A Drumsticks by Vater, you’re not just picking up another pair of hickory drumsticks. You’re picking up a pair of history. “

Director of Artist Relations at Vater Percussion, Chad Brandolini, has also made a comment:

“Working with Jared Falk and the Drumeo team over the past several months on this new partnership and developing their new Drumeo 5A model has been exciting. We’re honored to now have Vater Drumsticks be a part of what Drumeo offers to drummers world-wide with their incredible education. In working with Drumeo, we’re looking forward to not only keeping existing drummers engaged and progressing in their playing, but to also to help breed new generations of drummers by getting more people inspired by the fun of drumming.”