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BeatIt presents: Ludwig Atlas Standard Hardware Set

BeatIt have recently received a Ludwig Atlas Standard hardware set from the Polish distributor of the brand. As most of those interested in drums probably already know, it is a slightly more affordable version of the acclaimed Atlas Pro and the latest addition to the assortment offered at the ‘hardware store’ run by the Ludwig family. The series has been created to meet the demand of many drummers looking for a chance to use stable stands with a Ludwig label on at a price considerably lower than in the case of the Atlas Pro family.


As you can see in the pictures, the parcel sent by the distributor included a hi-hat stand, a straight cymbal stand, a boom stand, a snare stand and a single bass drum pedal.

Let us start with the cymbal stands (LAS26CS, LAS36MBS). They are massive and heavy. Their weight seems to be their only flaw. The double-braced legs open and close easily, all the screws work smoothly, the boom arm comes out with no resistance whatsoever, and the tube joints clench extremely tightly. Both stands display stability matching the highest standards. The boom stand withstood a 22-inch Zildjian Z Custom Power Ride cymbal during three 5-hour rehearsals and its position did not change by a single milimeter. The straight stand delivered just as much stability and a 20-inch china cymbal presented it with absolutely no challenge at all.


The straight stand delivered just as much stability and a 20-inch china cymbal presented it with absolutely no challenge at all.


The snare stand (LAS22SS) is also a very user-friendly unit. Its double-braced legs provide solid support, the socket tilter mechanism features a ball inside and works very smoothly, loosening and tightening of the snare basket is just as easy a task. This stand seems perfect for gigging musicians.


The bass drum pedal (LAS15FP) is, as the name suggests, a standard mechanism. Its dual chain drive, side adjustable hoop clamp, classic spring mechanism known from countless similar units, and dual surface beater (felt and plastic) guarantees normal performance. Our pedal required slight greasing. It did not squeak but the noise it generated could have been captured by studio microphones.


The hi-hat stand (LAS16HH) is also a stable unit. Spring tension is easily adjustable. In our opinion, a feature worth highlighting is the length of the cymbal rod, which makes it possible to mount the hi hat cymbals even as high as the eye level, that is if the drummer’s throne is not positioned very high. Priceless for all those who like their hi hat cymbals mounted high (Dave Grohl style), especially in this day and age when more and more manufacturers equip their stands in shorter and shorter cymbal rods.


Wing nuts at all the pipe joints, tilters and the hi hat clutch complete the picture. They are really big, easy to grab and thus very practical. Naturally, one cannot expect to see features such as memory locks on these hardware pieces, however, at a price much more affordable than the Atlas Pro series, we get solid and stable hardware, which concerns the cymbal stands and the snare stand in particular.

Drummers and Drummerettes! We give you the Ludwig Atlas Standard hardware set!

Special thanks to Ada Music (http://www.adamusic.pl/) za przesłanie zestawu.