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Piotr Szkudelski (Perfect) exclusively for BeatIt, Pt. 6/8

On June 30 2013, the BeatIt team imposed ourselves on Polish rock legends Perfect in connection with their live gig in Swarzędz, Poland. Jumping at the opportunity, we asked the band’s drummer to say a few words to our viewers.

szkudelski piotr

In this episode of the conversation, Piotr Szkudelski talks about his collaboration with singer/songwriter Martyna Jakubowicz in the mid 1980’s, replacing the great Wojciech Morawski in Wojciech “Jajco” Bruślik’s band and the albums made with that outfit. The man also remembers Perfect‘s farewell concert at the Warsaw Stadium on Sept 12 1987, which attracted 100,000 fans. We also discuss the reasons why Piotr doesn’t reduce his kit, which seems to be against the general trend amongst drummers these days.

We give you Piotr Szkudelski