> > > New: Zildjian Apparel 2021

The Avedis Zildjian Company have recently re-launched its iconic line of apparel loved by drummers (but not only) worldwide.

For nearly 400 years, it has been Zildjian’s commitment “to create products that excite the imagination and unleash a drummer’s personal style“. As company states, the new line apparel not only helps drummers express their style but introduces new types of design in line with current trends. Zildjian, while designing new line of apparel, focused on detailing, and sees all products manufactured to the highest standards using premium quality fabrics.

Six new styles have been added to the current collection including a limited-edition Camo Hoodie, Gray Zip Up Logo Hoodie, Photo Lightweight Hoodie, Art Deco Long Sleeved Tee, a Quarter Zip Sherpa style Pullover and an Alchemy Pullover Hoodie, which pays homage to Zildjian‘s founder Avedis I, featuring the alchemy symbols for copper, tin and silver – the elements in the Zildjian family alloy – along the left arm.

With an iconic brand like Zildjian, it was important for us to have a range of products including timeless and on-trend designs. By focusing on high-quality fabrics, fits and design features, we developed an assortment that is highly functional and expresses the individuality of the wearer” – says Pamela Ricci, Zildjian’s Brand Manager for Apparel, Merchandise & Accessories.

For more information please visit: www.zildjian.com/apparel