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New level in cymbal muting!

Since 2013, Cymbomute has been leading the way in innovative ways to mute your cymbals for practice. Cymbomute practice mutes allow drummers to “Keep the Feel – Cut the Volume” when practicing on their REAL cymbals. If you don’t want to make your neighbours angry, or if you want to have a little jam in the middle of the night- just try these on! Their brand new product is the amazing Cymbomute Pro360°.

cymbomute mutes

New mutes by Cymbomute has a lot of new features. Most important of them is the S.B.T (Silicome Bumper Technology) built-in silicone bumper to receive stick impact – leaving the fabric to do the sound absorption. Also featured is a four-strand yellow reinforcement stripe under the silicone to highlight the bumper – it looks great! The added technology, durability, and aesthetics of this mute mean it firmly deserves the ‘PRO’ moniker.

Cymbomute Silicone Bumper Technology

Cymbomute Pro360° mutes are available in sizes from 13″ to 22″. The small-sized set costs 9.99 GBP, the big-sized costs 12.99 GBP. You can order it from their website https://www.cymbomute.com/ , they ship their goods worldwide! If you want to get more familiar with Cymbomute, please take a look at our test of the previous version of this product:

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