> > > MIDI Grooves by Daray from Hertz Drums
Dariusz “Daray” Brzozowski is one of the most notable extreme metal drummers to have ever come out of Poland, along with the likes of Zbigniew “Inferno” Promiński (Behemoth), Paweł “Pavulon” Jaroszewicz (Antigama, ex-Vader, ex-Decapitated, ex-Hate, ex-Belphegor), or, most recently, Michał Andrzejczyk (Vader).
“Daray” has been the sticksman for the Norwegian black metal masters Dimmu Borgir for over a decade. In his native land, he has been playing with Hunter (legendary thrash metal band in Poland), Black River and Jelonek. He also has past stints with such bands as: Vesania, Masachist, Neolitic, Symbolical and many more. The artist is endorsed by such companies as: Meinl Cymbals, Tama Drums and Wincent Drumsticks.
Hertz Drums (an offshoot of the Hertz Studio run by Wiesławski Brothers) has recently released a pack of MIDI grooves by “Daray”. Here is how they adverise it:
Daray is widely recognized for his exceptional drumming skills and has been an integral part of Dimmu Borgir’s powerful sound. Now, you can have the same intensity and precision in your own metal productions with his exclusive grooves. This pack is a must-have for any metal musician aiming to create outstanding and impactful tracks. With Daray’s signature touch, you’ll have access to a diverse range of mind-blowing grooves that will inject energy and complexity into your music.
Among the highlights of this pack are the intense blast beats that have become a staple of Daray’s drumming. These lightning-fast beats will bring relentless drive and ferocity to your metal compositions. Whether you’re working on a new metal project or looking to enhance your existing tracks, Daray Dimmu Borgir Midi Grooves pack is an invaluable resource.
“Daray” on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/daraydrummer/