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Latin Percussion (LP) are introducing the Paoli Mejias Signature Balance Congas and Bongos.

Paoli Mejias is a world-renowned musician, percussionist and bandleader. As a percussionist, he has been part of the legendary Santana band for the last ten years. Mejias’ playing is full of passionate Afro-Caribbean traditional rhythms. As a band leader he is recognized for the way he blends world folk rhythms to create a new element to Latin Jazz, which is global, contemporary and dynamic.

The Paoli Mejias Signature Balance Congas consist of an 11” Quinto (LP522Z-PMB), an 11-¾” Conga (LP559Z-PMB) and a 12- ½” Tumba (LP552Z-PMB). Each are built using 30” tall Sculpted Ash wood shells and fitted with natural rawhide heads and extended Collar Comfort Curve II rims. They are finished with Premium Galaxy, chrome-plated hardware, 3/8” diameter tuning lugs, reinforced heart side plates, and LP ProCare Shell Protectors.

To complement the conga set, LP have made the Paoli Mejias Signature Balance Bongos. The 7-¼” and 8-5/8” drums also have shells made from Sculpted Ash, feature natural rawhide heads, and Comfort Curve II rims. The bongos have 5/16” diameter tuning lugs, chrome-plated hardware, steel backing plate, and plated cast aluminium bottoms. These signature bongos produce crackling highs and rich mid-tones to work well with the congas. The badge art on both sets is based on yin and yang symbolism signifying the ‘balance’ of these drums working together in harmony.

Balance is the name I gave to my new drums because they represent the balance and measure that I have to have in life. It is the movement in a constant rhythm in search of the golden mean, the Balance” – Paoli commented.

To find out more about the Paoli Mejias Signature Conga and Bongo sets, plus all the other Latin Percussion products, please go to lpmusic.com/ #wearerhythm