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Krzysztof Głębocki – Voo Voo sound engineer – talks to BeatIt

When BeatIt hooked up with Michał Bryndal, we just couldn’t resist the temptation to also ask Krzysztof Głębocki a few questions. After all, the man has spent quite a number of years working for the Polish indie legends Voo Voo as the band’s sound engineer. In the course of those few minutes, our guest told us the story of the Ludwig kit that used to belong to Voo Voo’s pervious drummer – the late Piotr “Stopa” Żyżelewicz (although in this case it’s probably safe to say the kit belongs with the band rather than any of its individual members).

We also asked Krzysztof about the technical aspects of working with the drums for the band, i.e. tuning, using a drum screen, marking the position of each element of the set on the carpet, using a raiser, cases, as well as a special front kick drum head, with which there is a certain interesting anectode involved. What is it? See for yourselves. Here is another background hero on BeatIt – Krzysztof Głębocki!

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