> > > “Jost Nickel’s Fill Book” Now Available In English

Jost Nickel, the ultimate groove and style master from Germany, has announced that his newest book, “Jost Nickel’s Fill Book”, is now available also in English. It means that even more drummers will have a chance to get inspired by Jost’s wisdom and expertise!

After the big success of “Groove Book”, it was only a matter of time before something as inspiring as that came out. This book includes all you need as Jost presents universally applicable rhythmic concepts at different levels of difficulty, orchestral ideas, phrasing possibilities, as well as dynamics and accentuation exercises. Everything is explained in clear steps. The author also discusses different sub-divisions that are crucial for the game of drum fills and presents fills for straight grooves as well as those for shuffle grooves. Already promising, right? There is a lot more than the book itself. You also get 67 MP3 files with examples and 20 online videos featuring Jost explaining his crazy fills.

You can order the book here:


Or you can purchase a signed copy from Jost’s website:


Support Jost and learn as much as you can. It’s all about the groove and fills!

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