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Shelton Woolright (I Am Giant) – ‘Let It Go’ live for BeatIt

On September 21st, 2014, I am Giant made a stop at the Pod Minogą club in Poznań on the Polish leg of their extensive tour of Europe promoting the band’s latest studio effort ‘Science & Survival‘. Obviously, BeatIt jumped at the opportunity to meet with the man behind the drums, Shelton Woolright.

Shelton Woolright i am giant

Apart from doing an in-depth interview for us, Shelton also allowed BeatIt cameras to film his performance. Here is another fragment of that show, i.e. a super-energetic (as ever) live rendition the hit song ‘Let It Go‘ taken from the band’s debut album ‘The Horrifying Truth’.

Here are Shelton Woolright and I am Giant. Enjoy!