> > > George Kollias parts ways with Axis Percussion
Last year, George Kollias made a significant change to his gear selection, which was switching from Sabian to Zildjian cymbals after years of collaboration with the former brand.
Right now, it seems like the extreme metal drumming giant is taking another major step in that department by ending his long-standing relationship with Axis Percussion. Yesterday’s statement released on George’s official Facebook profile reads:
Hey everyone, got a very important announcement for you today that will definitely surprise most of you… I have decided to part ways with Axis Percussion and leave their roster after almost 20 years. I have been an Axis Artist for that long time, and Axis player for more than 25 years and as many of you know, I have a Signature Edition pedal from Axis for many years now.
Me and Axis split on great terms, period! And I cannot thank them enough for the years of support they provided me… I am so thankful for everything we achieved together and I had so much fun touring the world with Axis products. Wish Axis the best from my heart and I want to personally thank each one of the Axis Family for all these great years!
Having said that, I am more than excited for my next step, thats all I can tell you for the moment…