> > > New pedal from George Kollias and Pearl
Two weeks ago, George Kollias ended his long-standing relationship with Axis Percussion. Yesterday the extreme metal drumming giant announced the new pedal and the new company he’s been collaborating on it with. The new piece of gear is Pearl Demon XR!
A statement released on George’s official Facebook profile reads:

Ladies & gentlemen, I would like to introduce you to the brand new Demon XR! The new high end pedal from Pearl that we have been working on for almost 4 years….. […]

1. This belongs to the Demon family, so we borrowed the base plate and beater holder from the Demon Drive.
2. The board is completely new (aircraft aluminum), much more feel and incredible foot positioning for heel up and heel down players, works for singles as well as it works for doubles.
3. All the red touches are lighter aluminum to give you that lighter feel.
4. The spring is a monster, period.
5. Brand new beater as well, this will be also sold separate as well so try it!
6. What people don’t see, is the angle between the footboard and the beater, that took a lot of time and we tried many different pieces to find the best!
7. The hoop clamp screw can be replaced with an actual drum screw (included in the box), as well as the spring can be replaced with a normal spring (included as well).
8. The settings…..We tried to make a pedal that you take out of the box and WORKS. Otherwise you get a pedal with a lot more settings, and then you go on facebook chats and try to find the best for you….good luck with this. Of course you can change the feel of the pedal, but we tried to give ONLY the important settings.
9. Lifetime guarantee….Oh yes.