> > > George Kollias joins Zildjian family
The Greek god of extreme drumming, George Kollias, has announced making a change to his setup by joining the Zildjian Company roster.
The statement on the artist’s official FB account reads:
Ladies and gentlemen,
I proudly announce that I’ve joined “La Ferrari of Cymbals” Zildjian Company…I am stoked being back to Zildjian after many years, it was a child dream that’s happening as I write these words! Expect tons of videos and pics to hear some of the best cymbals you ever heard, got my first touring set and it is out of control!
I would like to thank Joe, Johnny, Bob, Eric and all the Zildjian family for their trust and the warm welcome to the family.
George’s current live set up includes:
21″ A Mega Bell Ride (Right)
21″ A Mega Bell Ride (Left)
14″ K Mastersound Hi Hat
18″ K Dark Crash Thin
18″ K Sweet Crash
19″ K Custom Dark Crash
20″ K Cluster Crash
6″ A Custom Splash
8″ A Custom Splash
8″ K Splash
12″ A Special Recording Hi Hat
13″ A Custom Mastersound Hi Hat
16″ A China High
17″ K Custom Dark China
19″ K Custom Hybrid China
20″ A Custom China