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Drum Workshop celebrates its 50th anniversary, and is doing so with a bang! The company has announced the release of limited edition instruments and hardware to mark half a century of great success in the drum-making business.

DW Collector’s Series 50th Anniversary Limited Edition Kit

  • Inspired by John Good’s memories of growing up in Northern Italy
  • Wood: Persimmon (similar to Purpleheart) / Spruce
  • Thick attack and projection, warmth and tonality
  • Shells: 10-pl HVLT™
  • Outer veneer: Quilted Maple
  • Commemorative Rosewood and Maple 50th Anniversary inlaid badge and band
  • Finish: Burnt Toast Burst lacquer
  • Hardware: Antique Gold , True-Hoops™, True-Pitch 50™ Tuning, S.T.M (Suspension Tom Mounts)
  • DW drumheads by Remo
  • Shell pack: 8″ x 10” and 9″ x 12” mounted toms, 12″ x 14” and 14″ x 16” floor toms, an 18″ x 22” kick drum, a 6.5″ x 14” matching 10-ply hybrid Persimmon-Spruce HVLT™ shell snare
  • DW Mag™ Throw-off on the snare drum
  • Only 100 of these kits will ever be produced
  • 200 6.5″ x 14” anniversary snare drums will be made
  • Each includes a certificate of authenticity signed by DW founders Don Lombardi and John Good.

John Good comments: “DW’s legacy is one of making and developing innovative drums and hardware. We are incredibly proud to mark DW’s 50th Anniversary with these remarkable drums. These Limited Edition special drum sets are a celebration of the last fifty years and a taste of the future.”

Limited Edition 50th Anniversary DW Edge® Snare Drum

  • Edge® construction
  • Size: 6.5”x 14”
  • Sound characteristics: brightness, articulation, volume, attack and sensitivity
  • Wood: Persimmon / Spruce
  • Shell: 10-ply
  • Outer veneer: Quilted Maple
  • Commemorative Maple and Rosewood 50th Anniversary inlaid badge
  • Two heavy-duty brass Edge® rings
  • Deluxe DW carrying bag
  • Only 100 of these Edge® snares will ever be produced
  • Each will include a signed certificate of authenticity
  • Hardware: Antique Gold hardware, DW 3.0 steel True-Hoops™, MAG Throw-Off™, 5P (5 position) Butt Plate™, True-Pitch 50™ tuning, True-Tone™ 20-strand snare wires
  • DW Drum Heads™ by Remo®.

John Good comments again: “The Edge® snare drum is everything DW – iconic sound, quality build and a character all of its own. The new 50th Anniversary snare is no exception, old school excellence, a contemporary look with timeless tone.”

Limited Edition 5050 pedal

  • Model: DW 5050
  • Designation: DW50 signature logo
  • Carbon fiber footboard and heel plate
  • Accelerator™ (AD4) drive system
  • Tri-Pivot™ Toe Clamp
  • Dual Bearing Spring Rocker
  • Rubber grip pad on the base plate
  • Delta Ball-Bearing Hinge
  • 101 two-way beater
  • Clip-in drum key
  • Built-in spurs
  • Available as a single and double pedal
  • Limited edition DW50 pedal bag included

Don Lombardi comments: “Our limited edition 50th Anniversary 5050 pedal possesses all the speed, precision and durability drummers have enjoyed for decades with the added advantage of reduced weight. We are excited to offer this new take on the original DW pedal that inspired what has become DW Drums and Hardware today. We are honoured to be considered The Drummer’s Choice for the past five decades and are looking forward to continuing to innovate.”

To find out all the new products and events planned for the company’s 50th anniversary, follow them on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, or go to www.DWDrums.com/