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Dust Palace launches its first, full, boutique drum sample library, Spring, Echo, Distort (DP001). Created by drummer and musical director, Joe Clegg, the professional collection of sounds has been designed with live performance in mind.

Clegg, founder of Dust Palace, is known for his work as a live drummer with Ellie Goulding, and musical director with Ellie, Mumford & Sons, Clean Bandit and others. He has huge experience in developing worldwide arena live shows for internationally acclaimed artists through his company Artclub Live. This has enabled him to develop his own approach to the use of technology, software and sample automation in the live environment. Clegg invited professional touring drummers, Adam Marcello (Katy Perry), Andrew Marshall (Billie Eilish), Gunnar Olsen (Bruce Springsteen) to help create additional royalty free drum loops and presets.

Spring, Echo, Distort (DP001) features three classic drum machines, sampled through six analogue effect units to produce more than twelve hundred samples. It also includes one hundred and eighty artist loops from @adam.marcello & @marshalldrums @gunbuns, plus @ableton Live 10 presets. Available only from Dust-Palace.com, this sample library offers original sounds for beatmakers and producers of all musical genres. Made for studio production and live performance, Spring, Echo, Distort uses a wide range of analogue spring reverb, tape echo and distortion to add a new dimension to any track. Each effect component has been captured at four stages of input gain, through a collection of analogue units coming back into Ableton thorough Neve 1073 preamps. The sample pack and loops are compatible with all DAWs, with Presets exclusively for Ableton Live 10 Intro, Standard and Suite, and costs £49.00.

Also available FREE from Dust Palace is KIK/SNR (DP000). It contains fifty two one-shot samples recorded with vintage 1960’s kick and a 70’s snare processed through twelve of their favourite analogue effects units. Download DP000 from here.

Further sample packs are coming soon. DP002-808 and DP003-CR78 use Roland’s 808 and CR78 electronic drum machines sampled through spring reverb, tape echo and distortion to offer 384 one-shots, 60 loops and Ableton Live 10 presets of contemporary drum sounds. Also in progress is DP004-ELKA which features an Elka Drumstar 80, a hidden gem from the eighties.

To purchase and find out more go to dust-palace.com

Media contact: Kim Phillips, info@armarketing.co.uk

Dust Palace contact: joe@dust-palace.com

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