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The drummers’ website beatit.tv is launching a new service. We think there is quite a scarce number of solutions allowing drummers to display their individuality on stage, during a photo shoot or when filming a music video. One of those solutions is to have a custom graphic done on the bass drum head.

We have prepared over 30 designs, but you can also create your own graphics with our professional assistance and commission a print from your files. We use the UV printing method, which minimally interferes with the sound of the head.

Our prints are characterized by faithful reproduction of colors, and they are also resistant to weather conditions. We have established cooperation with Aquarian, Remo and Evans Drumheads and all of our graphics come on top of a head made by that renowned manufacturer. We offer all sizes from 16″ all the way through to 26″. On request, we cut bass drum holes and secure them with plastic reinforcement rings.

Check out the full product range at our online store: https://shop.beatit.tv/en_US/c/Drumheads/18

You can purchase our products on Allegro: https://allegro.pl/uzytkownik/BEATIT?order=m

We look forward to working with you!

If you have any questions, contact us at: info@beatit.tv

Look at the several printed drumheads of our productions: