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Next Level of Dry: Meinl Byzance Vintage Series Pure Rides

Meinl introduces new cymbals in its Byzance Vintage Series. Those are four ride cymbals which go under the moniker of Pure Ride and are available in the following models:

20” Pure Ride
22” Pure Ride
20” Pure Light Ride
22” Pure Light Ride

The sound of the new Pure Rides is extremely dry with little to no wash. They maintain a defined stick sound which allows the drummer to play complex ride patterns at high tempos keeping control over the build-up.

Meinl B20VPR

The Byzance Vintage Series Pure Rides are hand hammered in Meinl’s own Turkish factory from B20 bronze. Their raw and earthy appearance comes from a special treatment during the manufacturing process. Every cymbal is unique in sound and look. They are recommended for multiple styles of music, such as Jazz, Funk, RnB, Soul, and Pop. They work fantastic on stage or in the studio.