> > > Brum battle Grzegorz Dziamas Dziamka vs. BeatIt

Grzegorz Dziamas Dziamka in a drum battle against BeatIt

Grzegorz “Dziamas” Dziamka, who has earned himself a reputation playing in such bands as Terminal i Afromental, is a rather laid back chap. When he arrived in the BeatIt office, he greeted everybody with a loud: “Good f@$&n’ day!!!” (bearing in mind that BeatIt plans to also reach drum freaks below 18 years of age, we will leave it at that). Do not be fooled by that ease, however. Things get very serious when the man sits behind his drums. Dziamas hits hard, perfectly computes rhythms, beats and time signatures, which he then combines with an almost digital precision. It was also apparent during the drum battle when he faced the Beatit Chairman and Deputy Chairman. Who kicked whose what that day? You be the judges of that while watching the footage from the drum battle Grzegorz “Dziamas” Dziamka vs. 1/2 of the BeatIt team.


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Dziamas’s kit:


22″x20″ bass drum
10″x6,5″ rack tom
12″x7″ rack tom
14″x12″ floor tom
16″x14″ floor tom
13″ x 6″ snare
10″ x 5.5″ Mapex Black Panther snare


8″ Custom Splash
14″ Vintage Old School Hi-Hat
15″ FXO 6
16″ FXO 6
17″ Moffett Signature Crash
18″ Moffett Signature Crash


14″ HHX Evolution Hi-Hat
20″ HHX Evolution Ride
21″ HHX Legacy Ride

Microphones used for the recording:

Bass drum: Shure Beta 52 – Grzegorz”Dziamas”Dziamka, Shure Beta 91 – Maciej Głuchowski, Sennheiser e902 – Bartek Czerniachowski
Overheads: sE440a – Grzegorz”Dziamas”Dziamka, sE Titan – Maciej Głuchowski, Sennheiser e914 – Bartek Czerniachowski


Time, place, personnel:

Studio CRS
Guest: Grzegorz Dziamas Dziamka
Hosts: Bartek “Szopix”Maciej “Blindman”Adam”Zwierzak”Zwierzykowski



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