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We have received yet another parcel from drumstore.pl – an importer and distributor for numerous drum and percussion brands. This time round, the consignment was modestly sized as it didn’t contain a drum kit or a few snare drums – just a few pairs of sticks from the freshly rejuvenated Polmuz brand, which premiered in late 2019. Naturally, being Polish, we were more than happy to take a closer look

We are testing Polmuz HI5A drum sticks

1. The test

This time, the test was not carried out in our own live room. Each of our editorial team members simply took these sticks to their practice rooms, their band rehearsals, and the drum classes they teach. In this way, we got a better idea of how durable the sticks are, as the pair had to endure individual practice time, four rehearsals (one for each of us) and a dozen or so lessons, totalling over 20 hours in the hands of four drummers playing with varying strength.

2. Basic product specification

  • Manufacturer: Polmuz
  • Model: Hickory Premium
  • Size: 5A
  • Model no.: HI5A
  • Length: 407 mm
  • Diameter: 14.4 mm
  • Material: Premium Hickory
  • Tip shape: Acorn
  • Surface coating: Lacquer, double layer
  • Paint: No

3. Product and sound

The full name of the sticks tested here is Polmuz Hickory Premium 5A and it tells you the most important things you need to know about them. They are made from American hickory, and the adjective “Premium” suggests the highest quality of the material. The size is obviously 5A. The surface is covered with two layers of lacquer, however, this does not make them excessively smooth – the grip is perfectly fine (even though tested by four drummers, each with different properties of the skin on their hands). The double layer of lacquer is supposed to increase the durability of the product, and it seems to have succeeded, because after twenty plus hours of use by four drummers, not only did the drumsticks not break, but only started to fray (the lacquer, of course, did suffer). It is also worth mentioning that the logo has been placed in the area which fingers don’t reach too often during playing, thanks to which it wears off a little later than it is in the case with many competitors’ products.

Polmuz Hickory Premium 5A sticks are rather forward-balanced. They may not be very fast, but you don’t have to struggle with them to play faster runs on your drum set. The rebound can be defined as standard, i.e. it is in no way surprising or difficult to control. When it comes to playing the ride cymbal, these drumsticks are suitable for swinging and playing faster rhythm figures. Single strokes on a crash, hi hat, splash or a China easily bring out the full characteristics of the cymbals in the dynamic range from pianissimo to fortissimo. The same goes for toms and the snare drum. While playing the latter instrument, those of us who tend to hit harder had the impression that these sticks somewhat lack in weight, especially when playing rimshots and hitting the edge of a closed hi hat. We also got the impression that in the last two cases the sticks vibrate slightly, which may cause some discomfort during long hours of playing. However, it is not a very strong feeling and drummers playing long events (weddings, sports events etc.) need not be afraid of it.

4. Summary

Polmuz Hickory Premium 5A sticks are crafted at the highest level, i.e. they are straight (obvious, but we’ve been surprised many a time 😉 ), properly balanced, durable and without knots. Each pair is “packed” in a rubber band instead of a smart-looking cardboard sleeve. None too glamorous, but let us remember three things. First of all, it’s not the colourful cardboard sleeve that does all the playing. Secondly, it is a relatively ecological approach as we reduce paper consumption. Thirdly, the retail price of PLN 42 (the equivalent of about 10 euros or 11 us dollars) for a pair of pro sticks certainly compensates for the lack of a cardboard sleeve, and in addition, such a cost is another factor that should make drummers want to check this product out. We are looking forward to the release of other sizes, such as 7A for the jazzers and 5B for the rockers!

Distributor: http://drumstore.pl/



  • Well-crafted
  • Durable
  • Well-balanced
  • Good-sounding


  • None

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