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Some time ago, we received a package from Meinl Distribution. Knowing what awaited us inside, we immediately started unpacking in order to share the test results with you as soon as possible, because such instruments do not find their way to us too often.

We are testing a Meinl Digital Stomp Box

1: Test

We tested the Meinl Percussion Stomp Box in our recording facility. This time, the role of a laboratory technician was taken over by Patrycja Betley – a multi-percussionist and flautist, member of the band Same Suki, also associated with the bands Karolina Cicha & Spółka and Kayah & Transoriental Orchestra.

2: Basic product specification:

  • Producer: Meinl Percussion
  • Type: Digital Stomp Box
  • Model: MPDS1
  • Material: solid mahogany
  • Finish: natural
  • Pre-programmed percussion samples: 5 plus one custom sample
  • Built-in Piezo Pickups with Volume Control
  • 1/4” Input and Output Jacks

3: Product and sound:

The digital stomp box is an instrument designed for drummers, singer / songwriters and multi-instrumentalists who need a convenient and easy-to-use solution to incorporate pulse in their music. Both digital and analog Meinl stomp boxes are made of a solid mahogany body with built-in pickups and triggers. These triggers are dynamic sensitive, ensuring a smooth response when playing with your foot at different volume levels. The Digital Stomp Box allows you to choose between five pre-programmed drum samples including: kick drum, cowbell, hi-hat, tambourine and crash cymbal. Additionally, you can use the USB port to import one own sample.

At the beginning of the test, Patrycja presented individual samples that the Digital Stomp Box offers. Then, she played a steady pulse, deciding on a hi-hat sample while playing the djembe. In this way, she demonstrated how useful the reviewed device is. Its compactness and the ability to change sounds is invaluable, especially for percussionists or street musicians, but not only. We can imagine, for example, an intimate acoustic concert, in which this instrument would play a key role, for example with the accompaniment of guitars, voice and other percussion instruments. It can also be a great accessory for cajon drummers.

Producer: https://meinlpercussion.com

Distributor in Poland: Meinl Distribution

OUR VERDICT: 5 out of 5


  • Great for singers/songwriters
  • Mobility
  • Ability to change sounds
  • Great addition for percussion players


  • None

Drummers and Drummerettes! It’s time to put the Meinl Digital Stomp Box to the most important test of all, i. e. the en.beatit.tv viewers’ test! Exclusively for you, we give you Patrycja Betley!