> > > BeatIt test: GoVintage Hairrycane drum muffler

Today, we would like to present to all of you drum maniacs out there a Polish company manufacturing drum accessories.

Szymon Swoboda – the owner of the Vintage Records studio – stands behind the idea of creating very interesting drum mufflers under the GoVintage brand. As Szymon himself says, he came up with this idea because he was constantly dealing with mufflers in the studio that either smudged drum heads, would constantly get lost or did not fulfill their task consistently.

First we take a closer look at a muffler called GoVintage Hairrycane, which looks more like a shaving brush, but it’s just an illusion. In our opinion, this is a fully professional muffler that does a great job when recording drums of eliminating unpleasant overtones, especially those from the snare drum. Szymon also made every effort to ensure that his product is 100 percent made of recycled materials. Artificial fur comes from used clothes, teak wood is taken from floor waste, and leather from tailoring waste. We have been told by Szymon that he has been testing this muffler for many weeks, and we are really dealing with a product that works, does not bounce off the drum head and dampens what it is supposed to dampen, without depriving the instrument of its sound.

The muffler can be installed very quickly and easily on any steel hoop (we only had steel and die-cast hoops at our disposal). A dedicated clip is used for this purpose, and it is inseparably connected with the device. In addition, it simply looks great. We think it will adorn any drum, especially a vintage one. Wonderful idea. We have yet to evaluate the price for this product. Some of you will probably say: “That’s expensive!”. However, you must take into account the fact that you are buying a muffler that is not a disposable product and it will serve you for quite a number of years!

Today’s test is also the first test where we are going to apply more restrictive criteria. We will evaluate each instrument and product in 5 categories, with a maximum of 10 points in each of them.

Here are the categories:






Pluses and minuses (to mark advantages and disadvantages) will also be added by us separately, along with justifications.

Here is the score for the GoVintage Hairrycane drum muffler:

Appearance: 10

Sound: 10

Innovation: 10

Price: 9

Quality: 10


Disadvantages – None

AdvantageA very big plus for innovation and the use of recycled materials in manufacturing


Below, you will find a video test, where you can see and hear the GoVintage Hairrycane drum muffler in action!