> > > BeatIt Test: Fibo Percussion Professional Handmade Practice Pad

Some time ago, we received a package from Fibo Percussion which included two inconspicuous training pads. Of course, as we usually do, we ran down to our recording studio and started testing them.

BeatIt Test: Fibo Percussion Professional Handmade Practice Pad

photo: beatit.tv

10″ and 4″ Fibo Percussion Professional Handmade Practice Pad.

1. Basic specification of the instruments

  • Manufacturer: Fibo Percussion
  • Material: Birch plywood + rubber (7 mm)
  • Diameter: 10″ and 4″

2. Product and sound

Fibo Percussion has produced very good training pads that are made of birch plywood and good-quality rubber producing a warm, pleasant sound when playing them. The material used for the playing surface imitates the rebound of a snare drum head very well. The rubber is quite soft and, unfortunately, slightly susceptible to picking up dirt. The part of the pad which is not covered with the rubber playing surface is exposed to mechanical damage caused mainly by the impact of the stick as the plywood is a bit soft.

With regard the knee pad, a certain disadvantage of this product is the position we assume while playing. The necessity to twist the entire torso with the elbows leaning back makes it impossible to exercise for a longer period of time. However, there are situations when we have to warm up and there is not enough space around us to set up with an ordinary pad. In this case, this solution makes perfect sense. Thanks to the shape of the bottom of the plywood, the pad comfortably sits on the player’s thigh or knee. Unfortunately, if we try to play longer than a few minutes, the rubber that is used to attach the pad to the thigh or knee begins to act a bit like a tourniquet.


As you know, practice pads are an important element of every drummer’s life because of them we can use them to work on our playing technique wherever and whenever we want. Fibo Percussion pads make great tools for doing that. They generate a small amount of noise at the same time perfectly imitate the rebound of the drumstick against a snare drum head.

Despite some shortcomings, we can safely say that these practice pads are some of the best drum pad we've seen or played.



  • Great design
  • Low noise
  • Well made
  • Good rebound imitation


  • Rubber picks up dirt
  • Rubber band attachment will stretch permanently in time