> > > Roland presents: El Cajon EC-10

We invite you to take a look at this extraordinary product!

Roland will never stop to amaze us! This time they put their beautiful electronic soul into the wooden box. What can you get from this operation? Here it is, El Cajon EC-10- the innovative, hybrid cajon with the built-in electronic sounds.



Everybody, who played or plays this instrument knows, that it provides a lot of different sounds itself. EL Cajon EC-10 gives you the same acoustic quality, but thanks to the electronic sounds, which you can get from this cajon, you will enter the unknown and rich world of sonic possibilities! The Roland high-end electronic perussion system, which is well known to many of the greatest musicians, can turn your cajon into tambourine, acoustic snare, you can add whatever you like to your normal sound. Crazy effects or electronic drums? Just go with it! Now just take a look at the specification of this highly dynamic “box”:

  • Unique hybrid instrument, which connects acoustic cajon with the electronic percussion system from Roland
  • Standart cajon size (50 x 30 x 30 cm) with high quality front plate, made of sapele wood
  • 30 built-in drum kit configurations to put on the acoustic cajon sound
  • Every drum kit sound has two independent tones, which you can release slaping on the edge or middle of the front plate
  • Wide range of sounds from electronic and acoustic instruments provides support for various music styles
  • Extra studio-optimized tone enriches the acoustic sound, and provides more depth and dynamics during playing
  • Intuitive control panel for changing drum kits, controlling the volume, balancing the volumes of different sounds assigned to the edge or the middle of the front plate, and many more
  • Integrated amplifier and coaxial speaker
  • Up to 12 hours of constant work, thanks to the power from six AA type batteries




In the movie below, you can see how El Cajon EC-10 works and sounds like:


For even more info go to Roland website: