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Remo presents life saving product!

We all know, how important for a drummer is a hi-hat clutch. Everybody hates, when hi-hat is getting way too loose, or starting to slip off the clutch. It’s really terrible. But you don’t need to worry- Remo company sends help! You can solve your problems with Quick Lock Hi-hat Clutch! The Quick Lock Hi Hat Clutch allows for quick changing of hi-hats with a lock-notch system rather than a typical threaded system. By pressing a locking pin assembly, cymbals can be quickly and simply changed out between tunes at a gig. This outstanding accessory eliminates any possibilities of Hi-Hat cymbals loosening while playing!

remo quick lock

You know how great and tallented drummer Aaron Spears is, right? Now watch his reaction after recieving the Qiuck Lock clutch:

As you can see, everything is happening extremely fast. It looks really solid, so why not giving it a try? We all should definitely check this clutch out!