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As everyone knows, Roland is one of the leading producers of electronic musical instruments, electronic equipment and computer software. This time they present an electronic drumset designed mainly for beginner drummers – Roland TD-1DMK.

Roland TD-1DMK

photo: Roland.com

TD-1DMK is a new compact set from Roland with a simple module that contains a lot of very good quality sounds. TD-1DMK can be combined with the program designed to learn how to play drums – “Melodics”. The producer claims that the Roland TD-1DMK set is designed mainly for beginner drummers. In addition, the selection of built-in training functions allows you to supervise the technique, evaluate progress and maintain motivation at a high level. This drums are very intuitive and easy to configure. Every young “padawan” has 15 ready-made sets for start. The instrument is equipped with 10 training functions to help you develop your skills, metronome, dedicated input for connecting your smartphone, recording function.


photo: en.beatit.tv

Dual-ply mesh heads set on snare and toms perfectly imitate the natural reflection of the stick, the pad of the foot has been slightly enlarged.The dual-layer mesh heads for the snare and toms can be tension-adjusted and offer stronger stick resistance compared with other mesh heads, giving natural rebound and feel that’s as close as possible to the feel of playing acoustic drum heads.