> > > Ian Paice plays Roland V-Drums

Legendary Deep Purple drummer gives the new V-Drums a test-drive


What does Ian Paice think about this brand new electronic set? You can find the answer by clicking the link below:


For this legendary musician new drums from Roland give much more possibilities to people, who are looking for many sounds put in one instrument. Such things as rimshot, drum rolls or even proper dynamic range were hard to achieve on electronic drums a few years ago. Now, thanks to the technology inside the new V-Drums you can play it with ease. It helps drummers, who play in the studio, as well as live artists.


Paice talks a lot about Remo heads attached to this kit, which are super sensitive, and even the lightest hit is translated into a clear sound. For him the most important thing in the whole set is the module, which holds great amount of different drum sounds, as well as big variety of cymbal sounds. You can select samples from every configuration, and create your own kit. We recommend you visiting Roland website!

For more info go to: pl.rolandeasteurope.com