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‘Drum Train 2015’ Workshop

Drum Train” is a series of workshops organized by Drumset Academy – achool based in Czeladź, Poland. The goal is to integrate the drum teaching community and show the versatility in approach to teaching the drum set.  Last year’s edition met with large interest both from advanced attendants and beginners.


The second edition of the workshop is to commence on October 3, 2015, in Czeladź. The organizers say the event will be more versatile this year, with different instructors and programmes in each town.

The instructors are:

Piotr Czyja (Drumset Academy)

Kuba Stanik (Drum House)

Dawid Pawlukanis (Pracownia Muzyczna Pawlukanis)

Max Goemaere (special guest from the French DrumliveAcademy).

The workshop will be accompanied by an exhibition of custom snares from such manufacturers as TOHOK, FAT FLYING, Red Drums, Lukawski and Luka Project. Also this year, Black Hawk Cyber Drums will be available for testing.

Drum Train” will take place also in Kraków and Wrocław in later days.


MOSiR Czeladź ul.Sportowa 2


2:00 P.M.