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5th Annual Drum Meeting in Błażowa, Poland

Between February 25 and 26, 2016, the town of Błażowa in Poland will host the 5th Annual Drum Meeting. The event will be held thanks to the initiative of drummer and educator Karol Nabożny.

V meeting Błażowa

The two-day event includes drum clinics, workshops in two age groups (below and above 12), competitions as well as live performances.

The speakers include renowned Polish drummers and educators: Bartek Pawlus (Bracia), Adam Tkaczyk (Kombii), Mariusz Mocarski (Roland V-Drums Specialist), Przemysław Bajer (Drumsetpro School), Karol Nabożny (Music School in Błażowa, Drumsetpro School).

Deadline for the submission of applications: February 22, 2016.

In order to sign up, please call: +48791290697 or go to www.integrationandgroove.pl.